Ian-Michael Hebert on the Fine Art of Sustainable Development

May 3, 2016






Ian-Michael Hebert is the former Property Development Manager at the Esalen Institute. In 2016 he spoke to us about the state of Esalen's renewal, the challenges and triumphs of sustainable building, and plans for the future. We talk about Stanislav Grof's holotropic breathing, shamanic portals, perinatal matrices, re-experiencing one's own birth, fatherhood and how amazing it is, visions of a post-capitalistic society, intergenerational alchemy, his admiration for Dick Price and the Murphy family, his roots in the wilds of Alaska, Esalen as a refuge for revolutionaries, and much more. Today's music is Dave Depper's "All the Pieces Come Together", licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License. Thanks for listening.


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