Janet Stone: Global Yoga Warrior

August 17, 2018






Janet Stone is a beloved yoga teacher and longtime faculty at the Esalen Institute. Janet grew up on a self-described “slightly crazy hippie farm” in Northern California, where she ate tofu, baled hay, and cleaned rabbit cages. As an adult she spent eleven inspiring years in film and TV production, then traveled the world, visiting New Zealand, Egypt, and then northern India, where she began her yoga journey. Janet lives in San Francisco and continues to travel the world, teaching and leading. Some of her favorite things, per her website, include "Tantric Shaivism (go, Hareesh), Egyptian Licorice Mint Tea, the search for the perfect whoopie-pie (found many times), the New Yorker, great stretchy jeans (no, not jeggings), tall boots, long boards, flip-flops, warm toes, KCRW, inner exploration, curiosity, carpooling, that spot under the tree in Golden Gate Park, sunsets from Bingin, Bali, bath time, story time, snack time, picnic time, anytime with my girls." She is an articulate and passionate speaker about yoga, life, humility, the concept of "enoughness," meditation, why Esalen works, and more.


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