Ken Dychtwald on 1970's Esalen, Bodymind, XPrize, and Beating Alzheimer's

July 2, 2018






Ken Dychtwald is a lifelong friend of Esalen and certified amazing guy. Besides being the best-selling author of more than ten books, he's a ground-breaking gerontologist, a psychologist, an educator, a professional lecturer (one of the best to ever pick up a microphone), a superb storyteller, a consultant to several White House administrations, an amazing father and husband -- and apart from all that, he knows quite a lot about Esalen back in the day. As Voices of Esalen begins to develop into a larger body of work, I'm finding that some of the holes in our history are gradually getting filled in. To that end, I got into the 1970's with Ken Dychtwald, and we dug into the work of Will Schutz, famous for his encounter groups, and the psychodrama technique that came with it. Ken and I also talked about his seminal book, Bodymind, which he developed in his early twenties, and how he came to be at the forefront of the holistic health movement at its inception. We also chatted about his lifelong work with aging populations, culminating with a bold initiative with the XPrize foundation that aims to defeat Alzheimer's. Definitely have a listen.


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