Peter Meyers on Conscious Communication and Effortless Public Speaking

Peter Meyers, Sam Stern

February 15, 2016






Peter Meyers is the creator of High Performance Leadership Communication. In this interview, he presents several basic, effective tools to overcome fear of speaking in public. One: self-consciousness may be occurring because you're focusing too much on your SELF. Release from fear by concentrating instead on what you have to GIVE in your speech. And do your hands shake from nerves? Make sure you're not holding any notes - that will only amplify the shakes. Instead, use the energy in your limbs to propel you forward. Forget your lines? Forget about it. Take a moment to breathe, and perhaps admit your vulnerability - your audience may identify with you. Vary your volume, your pitch, to avoid monotones. All this, and more. Please enjoy this conversation with Peter Meyers.


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