Phillip Burrus, former Executive Chef at Esalen, on Sustainability, Land Stewardship and Great Food

October 19, 2017






Today we take a small step back in time to speak with Phillip Burrus, longtime member of the Esalen community and former Executive Chef. Recorded in the spring of 2017, only days before Phillip and his wife Isabel Chave-Manso set off for the next chapter of their lives in Spain, we spoke at length about Phillip's take on sustainability, the importance of locally-grown produce in food preparation, land stewardship, and community in Big Sur. He is a brilliant guy. If you ever wanted to learn more about what goes on in one of the best healthy kitchens in California, have a listen. Voices of Esalen is produced in conjunction with Cheryl Franzel, Jerilyn Hesse, Lori Putnam, Shannon Hudson, and Ean Golden. Our theme music is by Nico Holloman. Subscribe to Voices of Esalen on iTunes, and if you find the time, please rate and review.


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