Psychedelic Integration Conference at Esalen, Pt. 1: Introduction with Allan Badiner

Allan Badiner

July 2, 2019






The first in a 7-part series, this episode will present a sampler of some of the most notable moments of the 2019 Psychedelic Integration Conference at the Esalen Institute. Environmentalist, conference convener, and Buddhist author Allan Badiner introduces each of the participants, and discusses why psychedelics have become a key touchstone in our current society. Over the course of this 7-episode arc, you'll hear from Michael Pollan, Rick Doblin (MAPS), Paul Stamets, Dr. Ben Sessa, Julie Holland (Moody Bitches, The Pot Book), Marsha Rosenbaum, Kristi and David Panik, Martin Lee (Acid Dreams, and other leading experts in the field.


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