Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen




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Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen is a movement artist, researcher, educator and therapist and the developer of the Body-Mind Centering® approach to movement and consciousness. An innovator and leader, her work has influenced the fields of bodywork, movement, dance, yoga, body psychotherapy, childhood education and many other body-mind disciplines. In 1973, she founded The School for Body-Mind Centering®. She is the author of the books, Sensing, Feeling and Action, Basic Neurocellular Patterns: Exploring Developmental Movement, and The Mechanics of Vocal Expression and currently has twelve DVDs: The Ligamentous System, The Fluid System, The Endocrine System, The Organ System, The Nervous System, The Dynamics of Breathing, The Dynamics of Vocalization, three on the skeletal system: The Lower Limbs, The Upper Limbs, and The Axial Skeleton, Practicing the Basic Neurocellular Patterns, Embodiment and Expression for Musicians and Singers, and Four Special Children, and is featured in the following DVDs: The Origins of Movement: The Embodiment of Early Embryological Development, Dance and Body-Mind Centering and Only the Child Knows. She is currently working on a number of other books and video. CV: